Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kansas GOP Chooses March 10 for Presidential Caucuses

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Lost amid the hustle and bustle of the Ames Straw Poll and even the Michigan Republican Party State Committee meeting on August 13, was the meeting of the Kansas Republican Party State Committee. At that meeting the party set the date -- as well as discussing other issues -- for Sunflower state Republicans' presidential nominating caucuses for 2012. Repeating their caucus schedule of 2008, Kansas Republicans will gather on the Saturday after Super Tuesday -- in this case on March 101-- to begin the process of selecting delegates to attend to the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

The date corresponds with no other contests at the present time. Maine Democrats meet the following day, but will not attract attention away from Kansas Republicans. Caucus dates remain unsettled for the Republican Parties in Alaska, Maine, North Dakota, Washington and Wyoming (...for the time being and/or to the best of FHQ's knowledge).

A tip of the cap to both Bob Beatty and Martin Hawver for the information.

The party convention also approved today its rules for conducting the Republican presidential preference caucus next year, which the party will use as part of its process of selecting delegates to the Republican National Convention in Tampa FL next August. The Republican presidential preference caucus will be March 10 and—of course—photo I.D. will be required of those voting.

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Unknown said...

This is smart. Kansas would get lost on Super Tuesday. If the race is still going on, Kansas gets the immediate spotlight.