Thursday, October 29, 2009

Palin's Poll Numbers Look a Lot Like Quayle's

From Brendan Nyhan posting at Pollster:

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Once perceptions are formed, they are difficult to break. And we all know how Quayle 2000 turned out. He didn't make it to Iowa. Will Palin?

Incidentally, Jonathan Bernstein over at A Plain Blog About Politics has an interesting take on how Palin fits into the 2012 field; like an issue candidate (a la Kucinich or Paul) but with a much bigger following. I aptly, in my opinion, draws a parallel between her and Jesse Jackson's run in 1984. It's an good read; check it out.

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Simple thoughts said...

part of palin's problem is she is not on the airwaves defending herself.

her book tour will give her a huge boost imho.

Josh Putnam said...

Agreed. Rob mentioned this in the 2012 post earlier in the week. I think the book release will have a positive impact on her polling numbers (ie: 2012 primaries or trial heats against Obama).

However, I don't know that it will necessarily change views on this particular question; her qualifications to be president.

Josh Putnam said...

I need to stop responding and forgetting to link to the things I'm referencing. Here's the link to Rob's comment.

Simple thoughts said...

"qualifications to be president."

the first 3 republican debates will answer this question.

Josh Putnam said...

Those words are from the poll question.

Debates may go a long way toward changing those numbers, but I don't know that the book will.

Robert said...

Sarah (Lawrence) is Number 1!

Take that Florida, Alabama and Texas!!

Josh Putnam said...

But does that mean, (SarahLawrence)Scott is getting paid more?

Eh, probably not.

Robert said...

What about (Sarah Lawrence) Emmanuel?

Josh Putnam said...

I think he's doing alright.