Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Open Thread: Home Renovation Edition

You've likely noticed that it has been quiet around here the last few days. Not only is it the end of the semester, but we're in the midst of a whirlwind renovation to get the house ready to go on the market. Hopefully things will be somewhat back to normal tomorrow or Thursday.

Having said that, I thought I'd open up the comments for talk on Souter's replacement, Rubio running for Senate in Florida, and if you want to, you can continue talking about the New Hampshire situation.

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Jack said...

Can we tie the three together? Speculation about Souter coming back home to New Hampshire distracting all the fact-checkers in the region from the Buckley story, which ties into Rubio ... I have no idea how.

I'm no expert on Florida politics or on Rubio or Crist, but it seems unlikely that Rubio can hold off Crist in a primary. It's hard to hold off a very popular incumbent who will surely have everyone that matters behind him. Which, as Joe Sestak will learn, might also be the case in Pennsylvania, though not impossible when you consistently take certain positions (Lamont-Lieberman?).

And, speaking of PA-senate, what the heck is Specter thinking in saying he hopes Coleman wins? That's a great way to turn yourself off to the primary voters on an issue that voters in the general election won't care about. If anyone can lose a primary with all Specter's got going for him, well, he's sure seeming to do his best at that. To win a Democratic party, you generally have to at least act like a Democrat.

I'll say one thing for Specter, though. I remember very vividly a passage from a December 6, 2008 Maureen Dowd column:

"Above all, you have to love the fact that as things stand, the nexus of power will lie in the Republican moderate caucus, consisting entirely of the two senators from Maine, the Republicans Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins.

"'And Senator Specter,' corrected Snowe.

"And Arlen Specter from Pennsylvania, although 'moderate' and 'deeply, deeply, deeply politically pragmatic' are not precisely the same thing."

Maybe I didn't remember it as vividly as I thought — I thought Dowd only said "deeply" twice. But Specter seems to be proving her wrong.

Jack said...

Never mind, now he said he misspoke. I actually believe him.

Thanks, Arlen, you reassured me that I can indeed trust Maureen Dowd.

And my apologies for diverging outside of the listed topics in the post; the whole Crist-Rubio thing reminded me of it, and I guess I was annoyed and using your blog to vent. I'd do my venting about errant Democrats on DCW rather than your nonpartisan blog, but I've lost my password there for the 10th time.

Josh Putnam said...

It is an open thread. Drifting is allowed.


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