Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The First Presidential Election Votes Get Cast Tomorrow

We can talk all we want about debate effects and October surprises, but if you're in the Louisville area of Kentucky and have an excuse, you can vote absentee in person starting tomorrow. Wow! Mid-September surprise, anyone? If you're one of those voters, what's likely going through your head? Through what process do you go to reach a decision? And more importantly, which candidate does this potentially advantage. Kentucky will likely go for McCain (I haven't seen any evidence to convince me of anything to the contrary.), but Louisville was one of the few areas where Obama did moderately well against Clinton in the primaries back in May. In the grand scheme of things, this last one is a silly question, but what other thoughts do our readers have on this?

Fairfax County, Virginia, a much more consequential area in this election, begins its early voting on Friday.

Thanks to Paul Gronke over at Election Updates for the heads up.

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