Thursday, May 29, 2008

Test Run: The McCain-Obama Map (5/28/08)

Well, Wednesday came and went with no new maps. What's up with that? Personally, I hate letting a day pass without posting something, but I'm not a big fan of shallow blog posts, so I try to refrain from such. What I did do was put some time in on a variation of the old map style that added in the color scheme of the new maps I posted on Sunday. Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone who stopped by and added their two cents (A special tip of the cap in reader, Anton P.'s direction is necessary also. Thanks for the gif editing suggestion. I hadn't thought about--or wasn't willing to take the time on--that.). I think you'll all find that the map below is a much more polished product.
I'll let this map stand alone for the time being, but will be back later today with the McCain-Clinton and McCain Margin maps and some analysis as well.

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Robert said...

I like the latest version best. I see that Michigan is now leaning away from Obama and to McCain. Hillary would be interested in that on Saturday if she remains the same as the last Clinton-McCain map.

Robert said...

Hillary's case is further backed by part three of Jay Cost's analysis

Vandy said...

Map looks good. You've got my approval. Thanks for the key. Ha!

Anonymous said...

Michigan is so close now that all it takes to swing it in one direction or another is for Obama or McCain to get a poll that favors them by as little as 4 points. The weighted average margin now is less than .5% in McCain's favor. Ohio is similarly close between the two (.6%) but doesn't budge as easily because there are twice as many polls as in Michigan. I would expect to see both candidates spend and awful lot of time in those Rust Belt states.

I still need to read the Cost stuff. I'll get through it later today.

Anonymous said...

Glad my suggestions were of help Josh. The new map style looks great.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I really appreciate it. I think all the comments helped to create a much better map.

Anonymous said...

Oh and here is a link to the article Rob linked above.